Transformation Tuesday 3-3-15

Today’s ‪#‎TransformationTuesday‬ is Lifestyle member and Personal Trainer Amy Shook! Here’s what she had to say:

“Many people in the fitness industry have a lifelong history of sports and activity, but that isn’t the way my story goes. I was completely inactive as a child and found joy in books rather than activity. P.E. was one of my most dreaded classes. I felt totally uncoordinated, out of shape, and slow. I was never the very last person picked for a team, but that was only because I was generally well liked. My inactivity continued into young adulthood when I picked up smoking and lived off of a diet of junk and fast food. This unhealthy lifestyle meant I was in my twenties and having a hard time going up flights of stairs.

One day shortly before my 30th birthday, it hit me that I was getting older and I wasn’t going to live forever. This knowledge prompted me to give up smoking, but in turn I put on an extra 15 pounds. I realized that being overweight was a sign that I was not healthy. I began learning about healthy eating and weight loss. Over the next 6 months I lost 30 pounds. I felt so much better, but I wanted to become fit too. I started going to the gym. Very gradually over many years, I moved from the elliptical machine, to nautilus machines, to dumbbells and cable machines, to lighter barbells, to heavier barbells and powerlifting, and finally to my true love – Olympic weightlifting.

Over the years most of my fitness education has been self taught through hours upon hours of reading. However, there have been several times I have enlisted the help of personal trainers and coaches. These fitness professionals were indispensable to my growth and for that I am eternally grateful. I finally have reached a point in my journey where I can take my knowledge and pay it forward by educating others about fitness. My background allows me to truly understand feelings that people in different stages of fitness experience. We are all on our own unique path, but others help us along the way. Will you join me in this exhilarating journey?”

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