Transformation Tuesday 1-20-15

Today’s #TransformationTuesday is Lifestyle member Nancy Dickerson! Here’s what she had to say:

“Since my teens, I had tried many diets to lose weight–Ski team diet, cabbage diet, fasting. I would deprive myself for a time and lose weight. After the weight was off, I returned to my bad eating habits. The weight always returned and “brought friends.” My weight seesawed until my daughters were born and then the weight really piled on. At my heaviest in the 1990’s I was discouraged. I had low self esteem and was out of control. I had no energy and become a couch potato.

To me losing weight meant depriving myself of the foods I love and I do love food! I wanted to be healthy and have energy. I wanted my daughters to be proud and not ashamed of their Mother. My turning point came when I realized that I could lose weight but to maintain that weight loss, I had to change my habits for a lifetime. There were foods that I not want to give up for the rest of my life! I did not want to go the rest of my life without coconut crème pie or Pals Tea! With Weight Watchers I can eat the foods I love in reasonable amounts.

I reached my goal weight in 2002 and have been able to maintain since then. Research shows that to maintain weight loss it requires not only control of eating behavior but also the individual to be active. At my heaviest, I could not walk up a flight of stairs without having to stop to get my breath. Today, I work out at Tri-Cities Lifestyle Center usually five days a week. I am also now a spin group fitness instructor. I enjoy step aerobics, playing tennis, walking, weight lifting, yoga, Zenergy and Buti Yoga. My husband is an avid runner and we lead a very active lifestyle now. This has been essential in my ability to maintain my weight loss for 13 years. I have far more energy now than when I was much younger!”

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